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The global pandemic COVID-19 has shook consumers and businesses to their core and disrupted our daily lives in ways we’ve never before imagined. Understanding and responding to changes in consumer behavior in times of uncertainty and change is difficult even for the most skilled and advanced marketers amongst us. This resource center was created to provide ongoing updates and actionable intelligence detailing observed changes in visits, purchasing behaviors and more. This research will leverage a series of proprietary and third-party data sources to give you the actionable intelligence you need to respond to consumer needs in real-time. Sources include:

  • InMarket’s first-party, permission-based, always on SDK location data. Our SDK data consists of more than 50MM Comscore verified U.S. consumers.
  • InMarket’s proprietary panel of 1,000 randomly selected, permission-based, anonymized US credit card/debit card, consumers.
  • Various third party permission-based data sources including sales data collected from a panel of 60,000 app users in the U.S.

InMarket Insights & Highlights - What Does The Data Show?

  • Macro category trends highlight surge purchasing and visit activity when comparing week over week same-day visits and transactions across such categories like Grocery, Big Box, Pharmacy and more.  
  • Visit and purchasing activity highlights significant peaks and valleys indicating frenzied buying behavior during key peak dates.
  • Surge activity for both visits and purchasing almost immediately follows significant developments, news, and announcements around COVID-19.
  • The largest week over week spending per device increases includes – Wine, Liquor/liqueur, Tobacco, Canned Goods, Frozen Goods and Air Fresheners (i.e. Lysol). Note Metadata such as sales for item/product level goods such at toilet paper and hand sanitizer are not included in this analysis as they were part of larger categories (paper goods, beauty, and grooming). 
  • Time of visit and duration vary from day to day, but data indicates between 8% and 12%  of total daily visits are occurring before 9 am for big box and grocery retailers. 
  • Those visiting early stay longer – upwards of 2x as long.
  • As Grocery and Big Box stores face stock challenges, consumers look to Discount, Pharmacy, Retail and Online as alternatives

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