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Grocery Time

Early mornings at grocery stores see the lowest volume of visits (less than 12% of overall shopping occurs before 10AM), making it the best time to shop for vulnerable customers. Weekend visitors over 2020 are hitting their peak shopping hours earlier (2pm) than compared to weekday peak shopping hours (4PM). Sundays surpass previous days with the highest volume of visits as well.

Grocery Dwell

Morning shoppers spend more time in-store than others. However, the shortest times spent in-store are seen 5PM-8PM. However, Saturdays and Sundays after 7AM tend to see shorter dwell times than compared to weekdays.

Big Box Time

Big Box stores see the lowest volume of visits (less than 12%) before 10AM, indicating that early mornings are an ideal time for at-risk customers to shop. Peak shopping time periods during the weekend over the course of 2020 have shifted earlier by a few hours (2-3PM) than its usual weekday peak shopping hours (4PM). Sundays also see the highest volume of visits than previous days.

Big Box Dwell

Some of the longest dwell times are seen early in the morning, as well as at 9PM and later. However, some of the shortest dwell times are seen at 7PM-8PM. Overall, wait times during the day seem to be going up for all days of the week.

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