InMarket | Real-Time Marketing and Measurement

Ethics Principles

Our Mission

Our mission is to help brands to connect with customers through the creation of real-time, hyper-relevant marketing that drives exceptional experiences. InMarket is committed to serving its clients in a responsible way that “does no harm.” We provide transparency about our data practices, and respect the choices individuals make about their personal data. We live these values by following these foundational principles:
We do not accept campaigns that are dishonest, illegal, or destructive.
We do not sell consumer data to law enforcement, intelligence agencies, or the military, whether directly or through intermediaries such as contractors.
We do not spread misinformation or messages of violence, hate, or harassment.
We do not target advertising for regulated products to audiences younger than the relevant legal age (for example, for alcohol or state lotteries).

We do not target vulnerable communities with harmful messages.

We do not use sensitive location visit data in our products. (For example, we suppress and delete data from sexual and reproductive healthcare providers.)
We comply with all state and federal laws, as well as operating system policies, for privacy disclosures, opt-in permissions, and opt-out rights that enable consumers to make informed choices.