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Optimize your marketing spend to maximize customer growth

Driving ROI has never been more critical. InMarket’s LCI (Lift Conversion Index)® is the industry’s leading attribution platform for marketers and agencies to understand the impact of their omnichannel marketing spend from impression to visit to purchase.

LCI® highlights:

Permission-based SDK data at scale

Drill down into competitive brand and customer performance by region to better understand how you stack up against the rest of the market – and where to optimize your investments.

Patented lift methodology that’s the industry standard

Calculating lift can be a complex and sophisticated process to assure both accuracy and statistical relevance. With brands and agencies investing huge sums in advertising and optimization efforts, getting this right is mission-critical. That’s why we’ve spent the time, money, and effort to do just that – and have the patents to prove it. With LCI®, marketers can feel confident their lift methodology is not only accurate, but the industry standard that can potentially save them millions in media spend.

Validated location & visit metrics

Data quality and visit verification are the foundation of attribution. That’s why we’ve completed a multi-faceted review by both Location Sciences and Comscore to validate the accuracy, precision and aptness of our location data, review our data hygiene practices, and visit metrics. This independent third-party review allows you to know with confidence that LCI® has been reviewed and validated by independent third parties.

Omnichannel attribution including web to store visit lift

Apply foot traffic attribution as a consistent KPI across all of your media. Our proprietary mobile-to-household device graph bridges online and offline data, including tracking website-to-store visits. Ask about our advanced omnichannel attribution capabilities across mobile, desktop, social, search, email, direct mail, print, OOH, radio, podcast, and TV (linear, addressable, and OTT).

Multi-touch attribution: goodbye old standard, hello gold standard

Not only did we launch the first MTA (Multi-touch Attribution) solution back in 2019, but we’ve made it better over time. Unlike other attribution approaches, MTA fractionally applies real business results across publisher, audience tactics, and creative units. As a result, when applied to driving foot traffic growth, MTA gives marketers the most advanced understanding of what drives marketing performance.

Sales lift

Our vision has always been to empower brands and agencies with 360-degree consumer intelligence. That’s why we are the first and only provider to offer impression-to-purchase reporting for select brands through a single UI. Our exclusive purchase lift reporting leverages InMarket’s proprietary purchase data and third-party data to give marketers the kind of closed-loop reporting they dream of. Calculating ROAS has never been so easy. 

Expansive partner network

Whether you’re running media on a leading DSP, agency or some other platform or partner, take comfort in the fact that LCI® has been certified on more than 350+ platforms, and growing. 

Get started today

LCI® is available as a managed service, via our self-service
SaaS-based platform or as a data feed – visit stream.

LCI® - Self-service user interfaceShape

Log on to your very own UI and explore your success!

Our reporting dashboard is intuitive and easy to use from day 1. Designed based 100% on user feedback, the dashboard includes campaign results and insights to help you understand the impact of your advertising efforts and take action to drive greater marketing ROI on future campaign efforts.

Data as a Service (DaaS) - visit stream Shape

Real-time, visit-based Optimization. 

Apply a real-time data stream of customer visitation across your entire marketing stack to drive campaign optimization, increased marketing ROI, and real business growth. Visit Stream enables visit-based optimization for audiences and measurement.

Managed service - let us do the workShape

Managed service clients receive white glove customer service with a dedicated team of industry experts, research analysts, product engineers, and data scientists to ensure you get the most from our reporting and the results.

Learn about the total economic impact of using LCI™ attribution

Download the Forrester Report today and hear how today’s leading brands are driving growth and saving more with LCI™.

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