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Stihl Powers Consumer Engagement With

Creative Innovation

The Power Equipment Leader Leverages 360º Panoramic
Creative to Outperform Industry Benchmarks By Over 6x


STIHL is an industry leader in the power equipment industry. The brand produces the number one selling brand of chainsaws and a full line of outdoor power tools from blowers, trimmers, brushcutters, to construction tools. Founded in 1976, STIHL sells its products exclusively through locally owned and operated retailers across the country

Campaign Goal

Over the course of its 7+ year-long relationship with InMarket, STIHL has executed incredible creative campaigns that have received double-digit click through-rates and outperformed industry benchmarks. In 2022, InMarket partnered with STIHL and PowerChord on a campaign to take their creative strategies to the next level by incorporating new immersive media experiences.

Test cutting-edge creative strategies to push the STIHL brand to the forefront of creative innovation

Bring interactivity to the metasphere by building full-screen, highly-interactive rich media units

Build experiences that engage consumers, building and strengthening their relationship with the STIHL brand


As a long-standing InMarket partner, STIHL has sought to push creative boundaries, working to enhance their brand experiences with compelling, real-time location-based ad units that drive powerful consumer engagement. The innovative team continuously works to test new creative strategies to maximize success. However, testing newer immersive media for the first time posed a new challenge for measuring success.

Challenge: Identifying the Right KPIs for New Interactive Media

Visitation to dealer sites had been the basis of STIHL’s key performance indicators (KPIs); however, this metric did not account for the increased levels of engagement powered by this new interactive media.

Solution: Shifting KPIs to Account for New Consumer Experience

Rather than focusing on established KPIs, InMarket helped STIHL shift their strategy to the measurement of click-through rates, which more accurately reflects how the interactive campaign stacked up against their goal of engaging and ultimately involving the consumer in brand experience.

Phase I

Dynamic Interaction

The team started by testing highly engaging, dynamic creatives that required user interaction.

A ‘Battery Drop’ ad had users “plug” in a STIHL battery back by dragging their finger on the screen.

Battery Drop Creative

0 %

Below Cost Goal

Phase 2

After seeing success with the dynamic interactive creatives, the team progressed to a 360º panoramic, full-screen immersive experience bringing the consumer into the ad.

360º Panoramic Ad Unit

  • Fully immersed the user in a model backyard where they could explore using various STIHL products
  • Unit was complemented with real-time location information for the closest STIHL retailer
  • The call-to-action prompted a visit that specific store location’s microsite
0 %

Overall Campaign CTR

0 X

Above Industry Benchmark*


With the support of InMarket, STIHL outperformed benchmarks, driving increased awareness and record engagement. In addition,, this campaign won two awards at the 2023 IAC (Internet Advertising Competition) Awards: ‘Best Consumer Goods Integrated Ad Campaign’, and ‘Best Technology Integrated Ad Campaign’. 

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