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50,000,000 Direct SDK Integrations

Since 2010, inMarket has integrated its proprietary, state of the art SDK in hundreds of popular mobile apps, providing for billions of high-quality location data points.

Premium Data Sources - Zero Bidstream Data

inMarket uses only Beacon, WIFI and GPS data points in a data waterfall structure to continually validate location accuracy.

  • Premium Data Sources
  • Industry-Leading Scale
  • Exclusive Inventory
  • Data Waterfall Architecture

Always On Location Data

People don't live their lives in points, they live them in patterns. Simply saying that someone has been somewhere leaves out the truly important data, like how long did they stay, where did they go following their visit and how likely are they to return. inMarket's data is unique in the markeplace because it enables brands to create personas of differing values, and even prioritize their outreach to the consumers that are much more likely to engage with their message.

Deep Insight Into Shopping Behavior

inMarket data is used by the world's top brands to map the consumer's path to, from and between points of interest, building powerful behavioral insights and phychographic profiles that drive sales.

Eliminate Crossover Contamination

Audiences created from inMarket’s location data are dramatically more accurate than any other source, enabling hyper-precise targeting and virtually eliminating crossover contamination.

Hundreds of Pre-Defined Personas

inMarket has 7 years of experience delivering campaigns for the world's top brands. In that time, we've developed deep insights into the patterns that drive consumer conversions, and our databases are primed with turnkey audiences that have empirical performance data in virutally every veritcal.

  • dollar general shopper
  • big lots shopper
  • family dollar shopper
  • dollar tree shopper
  • bjs wholesale shopper
  • discount shopper
  • albertsons market shopper
  • aldi shopper
  • safeway shopper
  • supervalugrocery shopper
  • wholefoods shopper
  • piggly wiggly shopper
  • publix super markets shopper
  • kroger shopper
  • foodlion shopper
  • gianteagle shopper
  • sprouts shopper
  • meijer shopper
  • grocery shopper
  • trader joes shopper
  • healthy grocery shopper
  • seven eleven shopper
  • circlek shopper
  • wawa shopper
  • bp shopper
  • speedway shopper
  • shell shopper
  • sunoco shopper
  • murphyusa shopper
  • gpm shopper
  • quiktripcstore shopper
  • convenience store shopper
  • ulta shopper
  • sephora shopper
  • bathandbodyworks shopper
  • mac shopper
  • thebodyshop shopper
  • loccitane shopper
  • health and beauty shopper
  • tmobile shopper
  • att shopper
  • sprint shopper
  • verizon shopper
  • apple shopper
  • mobile shopper
  • auto intender
  • cvs shopper
  • walgreens shopper
  • riteaid shopper
  • duanereade shopper
  • drugstore shopper
  • medical care shoppers
  • statefarm shoppers
  • allstate shoppers
  • geico shoppers
  • farmers shoppers
  • nationwide shoppers
  • insurance shoppers
  • citibank shoppers
  • chase shoppers
  • edwardjones shoppers
  • charlesschwab shoppers
  • ameritrade shoppers
  • raymondjames shoppers
  • bestbuy shoppers
  • frys shoppers
  • staples shoppers
  • officedepot shoppers
  • sears shoppers
  • kmart shoppers
  • baby shoppers
  • back to school shoppers
  • big box shopper
  • coffee drinker
  • bar patrons
  • diy shoppers
  • home improvement shoppers
  • fast casual qsr shoppers
  • health conscious
  • home owner
  • jewelry shoppers
  • luxury shopper
  • outdoor sport shopper
  • parent
  • pet owner
  • toy shopper
  • gym fitness shopper
  • walmart shoppers
  • target shoppers
  • sams club shoppers

Real-Time, Actionable & Customizable

inMarket uses only direct integrations with app partners, meaning our data is owned and operated by us, for our clients. We can quickly and easily deliver audience data to meet any need and exceed any KPI.

Effective, Provable & Guaranteed

Rainbow Light saw a 13.7X increase in purchase intent by targeting expectant mothers who shop at stores carrying their prenatal vitamins.

The 99cent Only Stores campaign saw a 53% increase in foot traffic to their locations by targeting likely discount shoppers who frequented similar stores.

Proyo successfully launched a new health food product by targeting consumers who regularly visit gyms and shop at stores carrying the product.

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