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Go beyond the WHO to engage shoppers based on WHAT they buy and WHY they shop.

InMarket Audiences are powered by:

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Annual Transactions

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Location-based MAUs

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in Annual Sales

Inmarket Audiences

Our Audience suite combines the motivating factors of where shoppers go, what they buy, and why they shop, to ensure you reach your ideal customer every time.

The InMarket Difference

location data certified
for accuracy & precision

commerce data scale, down to the brand & SKU level

Predictive & AI-Driven
proprietary audience segments


By combining real-world behaviors, online and offline purchases, demographics, psychographics, and advanced data science, InMarket helps you discover the ideal prospects to drive growth and build loyalty for years to come.

Build high-performing targeting strategies that perform up to

0 x

above the industry benchmark*, and span across all categories, including:


Cross Shoppers
Cash Buyers


Past Purchase
Purchase Intent
Lapsed, Lost, Loyal
Item & Brand Level



And more–including custom audience segments tailored to meet your needs and evolving KPIs!

InMarket’s proprietary GeoType® is the first machine-learning targeting technology of its kind to combine up to 1000+ online and offline attributes to reach consumers based on actual buyer motivations and values.

*Source: Wordstream US Google Display Benchmarks for Mobile Media


InMarket’s programmatic solutions leverage our scaled breadth of consumer intent, transactional, and location data–down to the item and brand level–for immediate activation on the DSP or omnichannel media platform of your choice.

The InMarket Difference

+2500 Unique
audience segments

Available Everywhere
across all leading marketplaces & platforms

Exclusive & Customizable
PMP media buying solutions

Programmatic Activation with InMarket

InMarket's scaled reach across all the major data marketplaces and DSPs provides you instant access to activate our unique programmatic solutions when, where, and how it matters most to you, including:

Custom Audiences:
Bespoke audience targeting leveraging geo-location, past purchase, demographics and interests by persona. InMarket Custom Audience segments can be tailored for specific KPIs, verticals and seasonal needs.

Custom Audiences

Syndicated Segments:
High-intent audience segments powered by real-time commerce data, reflective of today’s market trends and real-world consumer behaviors. Reach the right people, at the right time and place, with InMarket’s rich portfolio of +2500 off-the-shelf audiences.

Syndicated Segments

InMarket PMPs:
Fully customizable, dynamically priced private marketplace powered by InMarket’s exclusive visit, transaction and intent data. Deliver media against premium inventory that has been curated and targeted to reach best-in-class scale, performance and precision.

InMarket PMPs

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