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WHO your perfect customer is

The places people go, both online and off, are key indicators of who they are. GeoAudiences allows you to reach the right audiences by leveraging past visit behavior or current location data, down to the block level, with other attributes including demographics and more.


WHY they shop and what motivates them

As marketers we long to get inside consumers’ minds to better understand their needs. GeoType is just that – a new and unique pathway for advertisers to better understand people and what motivates them – the WHY. As an additive lens to traditional marketing personas, GeoType leverages InMarket’s advanced algorithms and machine learning, combining location behavior with up to 1,000 other offline and online attributes, to better understand consumer motivations. This advanced data science approach to creating new audience segments gives advertisers a more granular and personalized view into consumers, including their motivations and values.


WHEN they are most receptive and likely to purchase

Only InMarket, with our direct SDK derived, always-on location data, can precisely predict future visits and eliminate wasted media spend directly after a trip. Thanks to our advanced data science capabilities, machine learning algorithms and location data including history, brands are able to target a potential customer at exactly the right moment. Our deep understanding of consumer behavior and shopping patterns, like knowing which consumers shop for groceries on a certain day of the week, lets you target them in the days leading up to that visit when your advertising provides the most value to them. Additionally, you can ensure that the ads are never delivered to the audience when they’re least receptive, such as the days following a trip to the supermarket.

Custom Audiences

Build custom audiences based on your specific advertising strategies 

Have a specific persona, initiative or program in mind – like conquesting, winback, or loyalty program targeting? Contact InMarket and we will help you build a custom audience based on past visit behavior or multiple brand visits, frequency, and/or dwell time. Or simply fill out the form below, choose your DSP, and our team will build and process your audience. Most audiences are completed and integrated into the leading ad networks within one week.

Build a Custom Audience with InMarket!

InMarket makes the process of requesting custom audiences quick and easy. Simply choose your DSP below, fill out the form and our team will immediately begin processing your request. Most audiences are complete and integrated into your trading desk within one week.
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