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Reach new
customers that look like your best customers. 

You’re looking to grow in a world where the pace of change is accelerating. To reach new potential customers, you need to know which prospects resemble your best customers. By combining real-world behaviors, online and offline purchases, demographics, psychographics, and advanced data science, InMarket helps you find who to target – those ideal prospects that will help drive growth and success for years to come.

InMarket’s Audiences are available
across a variety of industries including:
















And More

InMarket’s key audience categories include:

Demographic audiences

When you reach consumers based on who they are, the connection can be more personal and relevant. Target audience attributes that include age, household income, ethnicity and/or gender. Our trusted Demographic Audiences are built using in-store and online shopping data, CRM purchase and loyalty program information, past marketing interactions, and other people-based attributes. 

Seasonal audiences

Activate consumers based on seasonality and relevant holiday traditions. We observe billions of daily offline behaviors for hundreds of millions of active consumers all year round. Seasonal Audiences enable leading brands and agencies to create real customer growth focused on reaching their target consumers during the most relevant times of the year for their business.

Location audiences

Leverage InMarket’s first party, SDK-based data to reach consumers as they move about the physical world with InMarket’s GeoAudiences, or target them based on past visitation to drive awareness, consideration, or brand loyalty. Because InMarket’s location audiences give an accurate view of consumer movements in the physical world, you can even target visitors to your competitor’s locations.

In addition, we offer Certified Location Audiences verified for accuracy and precision by the independent third-party leader, Location Sciences. InMarket’s Certified Location Audiences, the industry’s first and only verified audience data, bring an entirely new level of transparency and trust to programmatic audiences.

Purchase intent & past purchase audiences

Activate consumers based on shopping lists, consumer surveys and actual past purchase behaviors. Leverage InMarket’s proprietary permission-based transactional consumer panel, which includes transactional data gathered from  participating consumers who have linked their credit card information or submitted scanned receipt data. Target consumers at the brand, category or item level to reach consumers based on what they buy. 

Online shopper audiences

Inspire consumer actions based on online shopping habits and real-world visits. Consumers research, interact with content, and make decisions both online and offline before making a purchase—creating insightful data across every stage of the consumer journey. InMarket’s Online Shopper Audiences link these vital data signals to create a unified view of your customers—from the research phase throughout the entire purchase process.

Predictive audiences
including GeoTypes lift

Our data science team leverages our unique data—including intent, location, purchase data, and more—to create predictive audiences that enable leading brands to sense and respond to consumer needs in the moments that matter. Whether it’s understanding what a consumer may be purchasing next, predicting which consumers may be migrating to online shopping and curbside pickup, InMarket has you covered. We’ve even leveraged our robust machine learning and data science algorithms to help brands understand what best motivates consumers. Choose from more than a dozen InMarket GeoTypes across key vertical markets allowing you to connect with consumers on a deeper, more personal level to drive enhanced marketing ROI.

Key segments tailored for any strategy

Powering campaigns for the world’s top brands has enabled us to build hundreds of turnkey, multi-
dimensional audience segments applicable for any campaign strategy including:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Visitation/Site Traffic
  • CRM/Loyalty
  • Seasonality
  • Shopper Marketing
  • Retargeting
  • Win-back
  • Conquesting
  • New Product/Service Launch
  • Look-Alikes
  • ROAS
  • And More