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KRAVE Jerky: Setting the Standard for

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Snacking Lean and Mean

Jerky, once confused by much of the public of as junk food, has evolved into a lean, protein-filled snack option for many active, health-conscious consumers and athletes. KRAVE Jerky — which was acquired by The Hershey Company in 2015 — was looking to go beyond traditional demographics to identify these consumers based on their real-world shopping history — and to engage them at the perfect moments in the path to purchase.


Generating the Right Kind of Awareness

KRAVE Jerky came to InMarket just as the snack food was gaining popularity. With just 9.2% brand awareness in pre-campaign surveys, the challenge for KRAVE Jerky was to build awareness in a cluttered category and driving home unique selling points while separating itself from traditional brands.


Connecting the Funnel

InMarket’s groundbreaking ad platform connects the entire customer acquisition funnel for brands, creating engagement at the precise moments when shoppers are planning a store visit, entering a store and even when they’re holding a product in their hands. With 8+ years of experience, InMarket is tying digital advertising to offline brand awareness in ways that many deemed impossible just a few years ago. Using inMarket’s full-service platform that reaches over 50 million shoppers per month, KRAVE Jerky deployed a multifaceted online-to-offline ad solution that leveraged InMarket’s unique ability to reach shoppers throughout the entire purchase funnel. The program focused on cross-digital promotion at the awareness stage, and then drove product interaction and sales via mobile during the decision stage while the consumer was inside the store.

Out-of-Store: Predicting Visits

Through InMarket’s Preceptivity predictive cross-channel solution, KRAVE Jerky gained the ability to identify when shoppers were “due” for their next store visit and deploy creative across mobile and desktop at the perfect moments when individual shoppers were most receptive. Preceptivity drives huge ROI because it eliminates wasted impressions that occur after a store visit when a shopper is unreceptive.

In-Store: Driving Foot Traffic into the Aisle + Closing the Sale

With consumers warmed up through cross-digital awareness, KRAVE Jerky then leveraged InMarket’s InStore Moments solution to reach shoppers as they entered the store. Finally, the campaign delivered InHand Moments to shoppers who were physically holding KRAVE Jerky. Custom creative reinforced USPs—driving sales without relying on discounts.


The KRAVE Jerky campaign focused on key KPIs including purchase intent lift, brand awareness lift and ad unit CTR. Shoppers were first asked the following question: Which of the following products are you planning to buy today? If the initial answer included jerky, they were asked: Which of the following brands were you considering?

Post-exposure, 15.8% of surveyed shoppers said they were now aware of KRAVE Jerky, resulting in a 72% brand awareness lift. Most importantly, 26.80% of shoppers said they were planning to purchase KRAVE Jerky after being exposed to the ad—a 3.8x lift.

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Awareness Lift

Beyond KPIs

Understanding the KRAVE Jerky Shopper

InMarket campaigns don’t end when an ad is delivered. The platform is always-on, generating powerful insights about what our partner brands’ audiences do before and after shopping. In examining KRAVE Jerky’s audience, InMarket found them to be educated, married with a family, generally above the age of 25, earning higher-than-average income and owns a home in a higher income area. The digitally-engaged KRAVE Jerky shopper is constantly on the go and can often be seen visiting gas stations and convenience stores. They have disposable income and can often be found shopping at higher end family clothing retailers like L.L. Bean, Vineyard Vines, and Nordstrom.

Unlike some parents who rely on mass retailers as a one stop shop for grocery shopping, the KRAVE Jerky audience prefers to visit their local grocery store. This audience is not particularly influenced by savings or health, as they both under-index among grocery retailers like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and ALDI.

While KRAVE Jerky is a go-to for a protein-filled snack, the KRAVE Jerky audience is not overly concerned with nutrition and more driven by physical fitness. As displayed, they do not frequent specialized health food retailers, but can often be seen working out at high end gyms like: SoulCycle, 9Round, and Equinox.

These insights enabled KRAVE Jerky to optimize campaigns in the future, driving more efficient targeting and enhancing the messaging to activate target audiences based on their unique motivators and behaviors. 

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