Data, Scale and Strategy

Using digital to drive sales in the real world.

The most accurate 1st party consumer location data available anywhere.

The ability to identify and target consumers at every stage of the shopping cycle.

Scalable campaigns that drive ROI and exceed your KPIs.

Premium Inventory.
Premium Targeting Data.

With so much unverified, inaccurate data floating around, it’s important to partner with a company that has inventory from 1st party integrations and data that has been 3rd party verified. Luckily, inMarket can provide both with incredible scale and precision.

Hyper-Accurate Data. Trusted and Validated.

inMarket uses only Beacon, WIFI and GPS data points, which are dramatically more accurate than alternate methods according to the MRC Location Based Advertising Measurement Guidelines.

Metrics to Prove Success

  • Sales lift
  • Brand awareness lift
  • Purchase intent lift
  • CTR
  • Strategic Campaign inSights

Whatever your KPIs, we provide you deep insights into your campaign's success.

inMarket's leading consumer data gives our advertisers campaign precision and ROI that dramatically exceeds goals, but it also enables us to see insights into how our physical world operates and how people truly live their lives. Enjoy.

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