Location Based Advertising By InMarket

InMarket’s technology can help brands in a range of industries. Below are some of the sectors that we work with most frequently.

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When your product is on the shelves of a store, it’s vying for attention. InMarket allows your product to all but leap off the shelf! Thanks to InMarket, you’ll be able to send ads to consumers in the days leading up to a visit to the store, on the way to the store, in the store, and while they’re holding your product. We’ll also help you measure the results and dive deep into the data to find actionable intelligence to further optimize your future campaign efforts and conquer your competitors.
Purchasing a new car is a big decision. When there are so many options, it’s no wonder customers can take a while to make up their minds. Luckily, InMarket is here to show exactly why your car brand is the perfect choice for them. Identify and target auto-intenders and target locally at the dealer, conquest active shoppers of competitive brands, reach them as they pull in for service or enter the showroom based on time, and measure results.
When you’re selling goods that customers use frequently, you’ve really got competition! InMarket tips the odds in your favor with a comprehensive solution that includes knowing who to target, what motivates them, when to reach them, and where! Leverage InMarket’s GeoAudiences, GeoTypes, Moments (InPath InStore and InHand), and comprehensive attribution reporting. In fact, only InMarket provides leading CPG companies with a full 360 degree view of the customer from impression to purchase lift via integrated receipt and transactional data.

People need to know how a specific healthcare product will help them on an individual basis. InMarket works with leading healthcare companies to build targeting strategies which leverage HIPAA-compliant diagnosis identification, identify, and reach the practitioners that care for them, remind consumers of product benefits at their point of care, and measure campaign effectiveness and compliance down to the pharmacy visit.

Financial services are a competitive industry that offers consumers many choices. InMarket helps identify and target key audiences in the buying cycle for big/major purchases and can deliver financing offers, rewards, product benefits, and reminders at the moment of purchase be it jewelry, home improvement store, or shopping mall. Reach consumers in the purchase process, encourage usage, and measure results, including purchase lift with InMarket’s comprehensive offerings.