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InMarket’s real-time marketing and measurement platform delivers deep commerce insights and targeted engagement throughout the entire consumer journey—across every industry vertical—from impression to purchase, and beyond.

We are proud to partner with a growing roster of more than 2,000 brands, including market leaders like:

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Our breadth of experience in working with these brands has allowed us to tailor our solutions to meet your specific vertical needs and build the most engaging and personalized experiences for your customers. Overseen by InMarket’s Head of Industry, Dustin Kuk, InMarket’s vertical expertise spans CPG, Pharma, Retail, Dining, Alcohol & Beverage, Media Agency, and more.

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Head of Industry
Dustin Kuk

Own the path to purchase and reach the right shopper, at the right time and place, regardless of retailer. InMarket's CPG Solutions guide shoppers to store shelves by connecting each touchpoint along the purchase journey. We help you predict the next visit, 24-48 hours before, to deliver timely and relevant experiences to shoppers at home, while running errands, as they enter a store, and while standing in the aisle with your product in hand!

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CPG Practice Leader
Matt Knust

InMarket keeps a steady pulse on health & wellness industry trends and best practices to deliver unique Pharma Solutions that place privacy at the forefront. We help marketers reach patients throughout the wellness journey, including at the point of care, with our unique Pharma Solutions. This includes our anonymized Health Index, a proprietary solution encompassing nationwide coverage that allows you to engage patients safely. With InMarket, build exceptional health & wellness brand experiences that safely reach patients and drive both sales & script lift!

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Pharma Practice Leader
Sharon Glass

InMarket’s Retail Solutions reach shoppers in the days leading up to their next store visit and as they walk through the doors of your store. Based on a deep understanding of what is driving the most visits and sales, measure media outcomes and continuously optimize your targeting strategies. In addition, InMarket's Retail Solutions, including our unique Digital Circular and Private Label offerings, overcome industry challenges and drive retail success, when & where it matters most.

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Retail Practice Leader
Gerry Joyce

InMarket's Dining Solutions help you drive restaurant awareness, diner visits and online orders. With deep insight into restaurant loyalty, diner preferences, and visit/purchase frequency, close the loop on campaign efficiencies and attribute real-world outcomes to the channels, creative, and audiences that drive the greatest impact. These real-time insights fuel in-flight optimizations, eliminate media waste and maximize ROAS.

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Dining Practice Leader
Alicia DiStefano

Overcome brand proliferation and grow market share with real-time media, served on and off premise. With high competition for a consumer’s share of wallet, InMarket is your trusted partner in claiming the last digital impression with the right shopper at precisely the right moment. With InMarket's Alcohol & Beverage Solutions, optimize the entire shopper journey and ensure you’re owning the next drink.

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Alcohol & Beverage Practice Leader
Mitch Cristol

Your clients expect you to make media decisions that increase awareness and ROI with every dollar invested. At InMarket, we make this seamless by partnering with you to build always-on media optimization strategies that improve campaign performance with every new program you launch. Join our growing roster of top agency partners leveraging our real-time marketing and measurement solutions to drive real-world impact for their brands.

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Agency Practice Leader
Debbie Ferris

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