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Discover what drives your growth

(and your competitor’s)

You know your customers and their habits, but do you know the whole story? What else do they buy, where else do they go, and are they really loyal? What about finding new customers? 

Understanding the answers to all of these questions is essential – and we have them through our customizable Scorecards or via our intuitive Discovery Dashboard SaaS platform. It’s actionable intelligence that growing brands can leverage at scale for a rapidly changing world. And it’s only with InMarket.

Where to Invest

Brand scorecard

Get both the big picture and detailed insights into how your brand and your category are performing from a geographical perspective. Know where to increase, shift or reduce marketing investment, open or close locations, and more.

  • Understand the best opportunities for new brand locations
  • Pinpoint underserved markets ripe for investment
  • Visualize overall brand/market health and forecast future performance
How to Invest

Competitive scorecard

Drill down into competitive brand and customer performance by region to better understand how you stack up against the rest of the market – and where to optimize your investments.

  • Compare your share of foot traffic vs. your top 4 competitors
  • Find the best competitive audiences ripe for conquesting
  • Visualize your overall competitive landscape, and gain market share from rivals

Media scorecard

Our Media Scorecard can be purchased separately or included as part of our LCI® Attribution reporting. Analyzes campaign performance across regional, vertical, and audience dimensions.

  • Know when and how consumers visited your brand throughout a campaign
  • Determine the optimal omnichannel media mix that drives the strongest results
  • Compare how your media performed against the competition
What Else to Invest In

Discovery tool

Discovery Tool is InMarket’s exclusive, self-serve SaaS platform for 360-degree, real-time brand and competitive intelligence. Granularly analyze brand performance, audience behaviors/affinities, market trends, and more to re-engage, optimize, and drive overall ROAS (return on advertising spend).  With our Discovery Tool, brands and agencies can turn insights into action with just a few clicks.

  • Uncover granular or overall market trends customized by time, region, and/or brands
  • Reveal promotional and investment opportunities across verticals and geographies
  • Find out where your customers go and spend their time – besides your locations – and how to best reach and engage them