Real-Time Marketing and Measurement

Grocery Stores

Foot traffic to grocery stores had already begun to rise into the weekend of 2/14. In the days proceeding the declaration of a national emergency on 3/13 a month later, traffic to grocery stores spiked dramatically and hit their peak on 3/15. This traffic accounted for a 18.9% increase since the beginning of tracking. Since that point, foot traffic has receded significantly in light of new social distancing measures and reduced store hours across the country.

Big Box Stores

Big box stores saw only mild spikes in foot traffic in response to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Compared to the category’s peak in mid-February, the weekend following the declaration of the national emergency saw less traffic. However, after this point, foot traffic to these stores has plummeted dramatically with an overall drop of 25.2% since 3/14.

Drug Stores

Similarly to trends found in the big box category, the weekend of 2/14 saw the highest peak in foot traffic preceding the wave of stay-at-home ordinances across the nation. Traffic from that point until the national emergency declaration remained relatively level. An immediate rush of traffic then followed, but has since seen significant decline in overall rates, reflecting new social distancing measures and consumer behaviors. Since their latest peak on 3/14, traffic has sunk by 30.6%.

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