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InMarket’s unique platform deploys intent, location, and transactional data to help brands better understand consumer shopping behaviors across vertical markets, industry tentpoles and trending topics. InMarket InSights are designed to help marketers build exceptional experiences and drive growth in the Moments that matter.

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Q1 2023 Coffee & Snack Shop Fidelity Index

InMarket’s Q1 2023 Coffee & Snack Shops Fidelity Index report evaluates the productivity of national chains including Starbucks, Auntie Anne’s, Tim Hortons, and more. Download the report and unlock key insights ...
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Q1 2023 QSR Fidelity Index

InMarket’s Q1 2023 QSR Fidelity Index report analyzes the quarterly productivity of QSR chains and evaluates a chain’s ability to attract diner visits and sales. Download the ...
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Q1 2023 Big-Box Fidelity Index

InMarket’s Q1 2023 Big-Box Fidelity Index Insights contains key insights on the productivity and efficiency of chains including Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club, and Target. In addition to ...
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Q1 2023 Grocery Fidelity Index

InMarket’s Q1 2023 Grocery Fidelity Index takes a closer look at the productivity of grocery stores to see which brands drive the most efficiency at their locations. ...
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2023 Back-to-School Lookback InSights

InMarket’s Back-to-School Lookback Report analyzes consumer shopping behavior from the 2022 B2S shopping season to help marketers better forecast for this year’s shopping event. Download the report ...
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2022 Dollar/Discount Fidelity Index

In the wake of inflation, dollar and discount retailers have seen strong visitation as consumers seek out the best deals in an effort to save ...
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2022 Grocery Fidelity Index

InMarket’s 2022 Grocery Fidelity Index report analyzes the location productivity at brands like H-E-B, Publix, Kroger, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s to understand a chain’s ability to attract shoppers to their locations. Download ...
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2022 Big-Box Fidelity Index

InMarket’s 2022 Big-Box Fidelity Index report contains key insights on the productivity and efficiency of Big-Box stores, including Walmart, Target, and Costco, and their ability to attract and retain shoppers to their ...
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2022 Coffee & Snack Shops Fidelity Index

InMarket’s newest InSights report, the 2022 Coffee & Snack Shops Fidelity Index, analyzes the quarterly productivity and consumer loyalty of national coffee and snack chains to evaluate ...
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2023 Easter & Passover InSights

InMarket’s 2023 Easter and Passover InSights report contains key data from nearly 2,000 US adults on how they plan to celebrate the upcoming Easter and Passover holidays. ...
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2022 QSR Fidelity Index

InMarket’s 2022 QSR Fidelity Index report looks at the quarterly productivity of national quick-service restaurant chains to evaluate which chains are the strongest at attracting diners to ...
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2023 Valentine’s Day InSights

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and consumers are beginning to plan the perfect gifts for their loved ones, from chocolates to jewelry to ...
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Q4 2022 Inflation InSights

To better understand how consumers are shifting their spending habits amidst record-high inflation, InMarket surveyed over 900 US adults and uncovered key insights, including: Consumer ...
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2022 Black Friday InSights

InMarket’s 2022 Black Friday InSights report shares analysis on Black Friday visitation to telcos, retailers, and malls on the busiest shopping day of the year. Download the ...
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2022 Holiday Shopping InSights

As retailers and brands gear up for the biggest shopping season of the year, InMarket’s 2022 Holiday Shopping InSights report uncovers just how gift givers plan to ...
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2022 Holiday Travel InSights

The holiday season is one of the busiest travel periods around the world as travelers visit friends and family to celebrate the holidays together. To ...
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2022 Halloween InSights

InMarket’s 2022 Halloween InSights uncovers key details about how consumers (and their kids and pets!) plan to spend the upcoming holiday. Download the report today and access ...
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2022 Labor Day InSights

With rising inflation significantly impacting household budgets, many consumers are rethinking how they spend their money. Instead of closing the summer with a bang, many ...
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Q1 2022 Big-Box Consumer Loyalty InSights

With rising inflation, many consumers are turning to value-based retailers in an effort to maximize savings. Big Box retailers, known for their wide selection and ...
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Q1 2022 QSR Consumer Loyalty InSights

After making it through a tumultuous pandemic, the restaurant industry is facing a new challenge: rising inflation that is causing many consumers to rethink their ...
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2022 Summer Travel InSights

InMarket’s 2022 Summer Travel InSights, powered by consumer survey and foot traffic data, helps marketers understand just how consumers plan to spend their summer vacation ...
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2022 July 4th InSights

InMarket’s July 4th InSights report analyzes key consumer survey, purchase, and foot traffic data to better understand just how consumers plan to spend the holiday weekend. Insights ...
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Q1 2022 Drug Store Consumer Loyalty InSights

InMarket’s Q1 2022 Drug Store Consumer Loyalty InSights report analyzes the drug store brands with the strongest consumer loyalty in the first quarter of the year. With ...
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Q1 2022 Department Store Consumer Loyalty InSights

InMarket’s Q1 2022 Department Store Consumer Loyalty InSights report uncovers the department store brands with the strongest consumer loyalty. As high inflation has driven up the prices ...
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Q1 2022 Apparel Store Consumer Loyalty InSights

With rising inflation directly impacting prices, many consumers are paying closer attention to household spending. With this top of mind, apparel marketers must work exceptionally ...
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2022 Back-to-School Shopping InSights

The back-to-school shopping event is nearly upon us. All eyes are on how consumers will be shopping this year, given inflation is at its highest ...
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Q1 2022 Amazon Brick & Mortar InSights Report

Inflation has increased rapidly within the past year, reaching its highest point in 40 years in Q1 of 2022.* Findings from InMarket’s Q1 2022 Amazon Brick & ...
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Q1 2022 Grocery Consumer Loyalty Report

As inflation continues to rise, food prices are increasing in tandem, causing many consumers to strongly consider value when shopping. InMarket’s Q1 2022 Grocery Consumer Loyalty ...
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Q1 2022 Foot Traffic Report

InMarket’s Q1 2022 Foot Traffic InSights found that shopper visits were seemingly affected by growing inflation, which hit its highest point in 40 years at a rate of 7.9%.* InMarket ...
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2022 Memorial Day InSights

Memorial Day marks the beginning of the summer season for many, with family, friends and loved ones gathering to soak in the sun at backyard ...
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