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InMarket’s unique platform deploys intent, location, and transactional data to help brands better understand consumer shopping behaviors across vertical markets, industry tentpoles and trending topics. InMarket InSights are designed to help marketers build exceptional experiences and drive growth in the Moments that matter.

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Q4 2021 Amazon Brick & Mortar InSights

During the holiday season, consumers were concerned about hyperinflation and supply chain issues. One of the industries significantly impacted by these circumstances was grocery, as ...
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2022 Spring Break Travel InSights

InMarket’s latest report, 2022 Spring Break InSights, contains the results from our spring break survey, where we asked consumers about their upcoming travel plans. In the ...
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2022 Easter & Passover InSights

After two years of nontraditional Easter and Passover celebrations, circumstances have greatly improved as COVID vaccinations increased significantly, a promising sign for many who hope ...
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Q4 2021 Consumer Loyalty Report

InMarket’s Q4 2021 Consumer Loyalty Report is a comprehensive view of the brand loyalty landscape. In the midst of a period of supply-chain issues and hyperinflation, consumers ...
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Q4 2021 Foot Traffic InSights

InMarket’s Q4 2021 Foot Traffic InSights found that shopper visits spiked earlier this year due to early Black Friday deals, supply-chain issues, and other factors. InMarket also ...
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Q3 2021 Retail Loyalty Report

InMarket’s Q3 2021 Retail Loyalty Report analyzed over 300 retailers to determine the top performers based on consumer repeat visits. Among the top 10 were ...
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Q3 2021 Foot Traffic InSights

InMarket’s Q3 2021 Foot Traffic InSights tracked the foot traffic recovery of 5 key categories throughout the summer months. The back-to-school shopping period in particular ...
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Q3 2021 Whole Foods Market 360 InSights

At InMarket, we have routinely analyzed how visits at Whole Foods Market have changed year over year. By observing the impacts of offline foot traffic ...
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Q2 2021 Retail Loyalty Report

Using first-party, permission-based SDK location data from our Comscore-verified data set, InMarket has observed and analyzed foot traffic/visitation patterns surrounding consumer loyalty across 300 different ...
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Q2 2021 Foot Traffic InSights

While the US has more or less fully reopened, the Delta variant has introduced another variable to foot traffic recovery. InMarket’s Q2 2021 Foot Traffic ...
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Q2 2021 Whole Foods Market 360° Analysis

According to InMarket data, Whole Foods Market has seen a massive uptick in micro visit shoppers (+23%) and overall micro visits (+56%). While the pandemic ...
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Q1 2021 Retail Loyalty Report

With more than 150 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine administered by the end of Q1 2021, there’s a renewed sense of hope to exit ...
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Q4 2020 Whole Foods 360° Analysis

Despite numerous deals for Amazon Prime members and several sales events throughout the quarter, Whole Foods continued to experience a decline in foot traffic at ...
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Q4 2020 Retail Loyalty Report

Historically, Q4’s holiday season brings retailers an incredible influx of sales as consumers shop for gifts and gatherings in droves. In 2020, because of COVID-19’s ...
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Q4 2020 Drug Store Loyalty Report

Q4 2020 Drug Store Loyalty Report How Drug Stores’ Curbside & Drive-thru Offerings Minimized Contact & Optimized Consumer Loyalty For health-conscious shoppers, social distancing and ...
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Q3 2020 Retail Loyalty Report

Amid government restrictions and stay at home orders, COVID-19 has transformed traditional retail shopping experiences by forcing brands to integrate more multi-channel strategies into their ...
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Q2 2020 Retail Loyalty Report

Due to COVID-19, retailers are facing a cycle of closures, openings, and closures again, changes to consumer behavior, and a loss of share to digital ...
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Q4 2019 Retail Loyalty Lookback Report

In this InMarket InSights Report, we’ve used first-party, SDK-verified location data of over 50 million Comscore-verified active users to analyze foot traffic patterns, visitation history–including ...
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Q1 2020 Retail Loyalty Lookback Report

COVID-19 has reshaped American life: the widespread adoption of social distancing and stay-at-home orders has resulted in the shut down of non-essential businesses, and could ...
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