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Thanks for visiting. InMarket acquired the assets of NinthDecimal in September of 2020.
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Analyze offline behaviors and movements in order to optimize future campaigns via strategic insights about your customers and competitors.



Target users based on location, behavior, and motivations to drive offline visits and purchases across multiple channels.



Reach consumers in the moments that matter, precisely when and where they are making purchase decisions – InPath, InStore and InHand.



Precisely measure the impact of your advertising efforts on foot traffic and purchase lift. Better understand who they are and why they shop.

The InMarket difference

Your message, at the moments that matter

Reach over 30 million Comscore-verified US consumers based on real world behaviors and inspire them in the moments that matter – while they’re making purchase decisions.

Precise, permission-based SDK-derived data

Our Moments SDK leverages GPS and indoor location signals while consumers are on the move, providing the most accurate and precise delivery of Lat/Long, POI, time, date and dwell time of a visit available today.

Transformational measurement, 360 degree consumer intelligence & unrivaled 

Reveal who your customers truly are. Learn what they buy, where they go, when they’re most receptive to brand engagement, and what truly motivates them. Solutions available as a managed service via data feeds (DaaS) or dashboards (SaaS).

Selected clients

Connect with consumers where they are spending more time today with InMarket’s InHome Moments. Share real-time updates, product information, services, benefits or promotions to build awareness and consideration

“10/10 rating because the InMarket team is responsive, flexible, knowledgeable, and the product itself performs well.”

Kayla O’Leary – Mindshare

InSights & Whitepapers

Frequently cited in leading publications, InMarket’s intent, visit and transactional data provides advertisers with key insights about what people plan to do, where people go and what people buy.

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