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Click and collect sales are growing rapidly as consumers continue to embrace its convenience. According to eMarketer, curbside pickup and buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS) sales are projected to grow 15.2% in 2021 to reach $83.47 billion.* This additional touchpoint provides marketers another opportunity to engage shoppers and deliver incredible value that not only drives sales, but strengthens customer loyalty.

InMarket’s suite of Curbside solutions empower you to build smarter Curbside audiences, activate real-time Curbside campaigns, and measure web-to-Curbside visits in today’s evolving omnichannel world.


Learn // Curbside Analytics

Drive Growth With 360° Curbside Consumer Intelligence

InMarket’s Curbside Analytics leverage real-world consumer behaviors for the most accurate view into your curbside customers, your brand, and your competition. Identify new Curbside demographics and motivations, conquest Curbside shoppers from your competition, and anticipate your Curbside shoppers’ future needs.

Build // Curbside Audiences

Target Your
Curbside Shoppers

Combining real-world actions and consumer intent, InMarket’s Channel switchers and Curbside Audiences enable brands to accurately target shoppers based on their past curbside behaviors in order to deliver more personalized user experiences. Curbside Audiences are available across multiple verticals and brands, including Big Box, Grocery, and Departments, and can also be custom built.

Build // Curbside Activation

Engage Your Curbside Shoppers In Real Time

Activate your Curbside shoppers across their entire path to purchase, both before they fill their online carts and in real time with dynamic 1:1 experiences. Leverage Preceptivity, InMarket’s predictive activation solution, to understand when to best reach your shoppers prior to their next Curbside pickup trip. Use InMarket’s Curbside Moments* to reach your Curbside shoppers as they enter your pickup locations to drive incremental sales or encourage future visits and loyalty. Be sure to ask about InMarket’s Cryptographic capabilities who can help you draw customer polygons around your pickup locations.

Measure // Curbside Attribution

Measure Curbside Success and Drive Sales!

InMarket’s LCI® attribution platform provides the most holistic and accurate view of omnichannel media’s performance in driving Curbside visits and sales. Optimize Curbside targeting in real time with LCI’s Optimization Engine. LCI® reporting includes the ability to measure lift on Curbside audiences and web-to-Curbside visit lift leveraging InMarket’s custom hand drawn polygon for you pickup locations.

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