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Welcome to InMarket's COVID-19 Insights Center

Officially a global pandemic, COVID-19 has become a worldwide health crisis disrupting daily life as we know it. In these unprecedented times, consumers and businesses alike have had to adapt their behaviors, shift policies and plans and adjust to uncertainty.  CDC guidelines around social distancing to contain the virus has impacted where, when and how often consumers visit and shop as well as what they buy. This microsite was designed to provide you with the latest actionable intelligence and research highlighting changes in consumer behavior including visits and purchase behavior; strategies to consider including how best to be of service to consumers during these difficult times; and finally what we are doing to help educate and contain the spread of the virus.

Stay Safe and Healthy



Outbreak Timeline


The United States bar arrivals from Brazil, the country with the second-highest number of cases in the world after the U.S.

Chinese authorities report zero new infections of coronavirus for the first time since they began reporting data in January

The number of deaths linked to the coronavirus surpass 2,000 in Los Angeles County

Amazon confirms that another warehouse worker has died from COVID-19, bringing the total known deaths to eight employees

Confirmed cases in Pennsylvania surpass 65,000, as the state’s death toll rises to 4,869

Global coronavirus cases reach 5 million, according to the Johns Hopkins University. The United States, Russia and Brazil stand as the countries with the highest number of infections

Another 2.44 million Americans filed for initial unemployment benefits the week before, bringing the total number of people who lost their job so far during the coronavirus pandemic to almost 40 million

POTUS announces on Twitter that about $300 million is heading to New York’s struggling Metropolitan Transit Authority, part of the $3.9 billion that’s been allocated for New York under coronavirus stimulus legislation passed by Congress

British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca receives more than $1 billion in funding from the U.S. Health Department’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority to develop a coronavirus vaccine in collaboration with the University of Oxford

The U.S. National Park Service announce Grand Canyon National Park’s South Rim will be open to the public starting May 22 to May 25 for “limited entry and recreational access,” following guidance from the White House, CDC, and state and local public health authorities

Wuhan implements a five-year ban on the trade of illegal wildlife and the consumption of wild animals

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach says he agrees that the rescheduled Tokyo 2020 Olympics will have to be cancelled if the Games cannot take place in summer 2021

Hundreds of people protest Michigan’s stay-at-home order by getting free haircuts outside of the state Capitol in Lansing

More than 100,000 cases reported to the World Health Organization in 24 hours. The announcement comes as the total number of coronavirus cases worldwide near 5 million

President Trump threatens to withhold federal funding for Michigan and Nevada over their pursuit of mass mail-in voting amid the coronavirus pandemic

Connecticut’s statewide stay-at-home order expires, meaning all 50 states are beginning to lift some lockdown measures imposed to suppress the coronavirus pandemic

Weeks after a draft of guidelines for reopening businesses across the U.S. were leaked from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the final plans were released. The 60-page guidelines includes details about what child care facilities, schools, restaurants and businesses need to do to keep people safe

The State Department announces that the U.S. government has pledged an additional $162 million in foreign aid to fight the coronavirus, bringing the total to more than $1 billion

State officials said New York City’s low-income neighborhoods with large minority populations have been hit the hardest by the coronavirus pandemic

CDC officials announce the agency is planning a nationwide study of up to 325,000 people in 25 metropolitan areas to track how the coronavirus is spreading across the country. The study is expected to launch in June or July

Florida reports more than 500 new cases of COVID-19 and 54 additional deaths in the past day, bringing the statewide number of confirmed cases to nearly 47,000 and the death toll to 2,052

A federal judge rules that Texas voters afraid of contracting the coronavirus can cast their ballots by mail in upcoming elections

Los Angeles officials announce they are aiming to reopen the country’s most populous county on July 4

The U.S., Canada, and Mexico extend their agreements to keep their shared borders closed to non-essential travel until June 21

Unemployment claims in the UK jump from 856,000 people to 2.1 million

Pier 1 Imports announces it is seeking bankruptcy court approval to wind down its business after it was not able to find a buyer due to the coronavirus pandemic

The Trump administration signs a $354 million contract with Phlow Corp., a generic drug maker based in Virginia, that would create the nation’s first strategic stockpile of key ingredients needed to make medicines

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam announces that restrictions will be relaxed in Virginia Beach ahead of the Memorial Day weekend. Beaches will be allowed to open under modified conditions including sunbathing and surfing

More than 130,000 autoworkers return to factories across the U.S. for the first time in nearly two months, in one of the biggest steps yet to restart American industry

President Trump states he has been taking hydroxychloroquine, an unproven treatment for COVID-19 that he has vigorously promoted

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announces that if coronavirus cases and hospitalizations continue to decline in the state, professional sports may be given the green light to return as soon as June

China pledges $2 billion at the WHO’s assembly to aid “economic and social development” in developing countries hit badly by COVID-19. During the virtual summit, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar blamed the WHO for a failed response to the pandemic that “cost many lives.”

A COVID-19 vaccine candidate developed by Moderna shows it can prompt an immune response in the human body, and is also found to be safe and well-tolerated in a small group of patients

Japan’s economic growth plunges into recession in the first quarter as the coronavirus pandemic squelches production, exports and spending. The country’s Cabinet Office reported a drop of 3.4% annual pace in seasonally adjusted real GDP, the total value of a nation’s goods and services, for the January-March period, compared to the previous quarter

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott eases more restrictions on restaurants and announces that he will allow summer school as soon as June 1

POTUS threatens to make the freeze on U.S. funding for the World Health Organization permanent

Former U.S. President Barack Obama criticizes the country’s leaders for their handling of the coronavirus response in an online commencement address

The number of coronavirus deaths in the United States surpasses 90,000. Confirmed cases in the country also rise to nearly 1.5 million

China reports five new cases of the virus, as the commercial hub of Shanghai announces the reopening of some schools and airlines revived flights

New Orleans begins loosening two months of restrictions on businesses, restaurants and houses of worship. The city is restricting buildings to 25% of capacity and require restaurants, nail salons and other businesses to only take customers by reservation. Malls and retail stores could reopen, but casinos, video poker, live entertainment and bars remain closed

Mexico reports 47,144 cases of coronavirus, with the country’s death toll rising to 5,045

Brazil’s confirmed coronavirus cases surpass those of Spain and Italy, making Brazil’s outbreak the fourth largest in the world. Brazil’s Health Ministry registers 14,919 new confirmed cases in the past 24 hours, taking the total to 233,142, behind only the U.S., Russia and the U.K.

The U.N. predicts pandemic will shrink world economy by 3.2% this year, the sharpest contraction since the Great Depression in the 1930s, pushing an estimated 34.3 million people into extreme poverty

Chinese city of Jilin imposes travel restrictions, closes off residential areas and bans gatherings after a number of coronavirus cases are confirmed

The US reports more than 80,000 COVID-19 deaths. Meanwhile, China’s health authority says the reappearance of local clusters of coronavirus cases in recent days suggests that counter-coronavirus measures cannot be relaxed yet.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces a cautious easing of the country’s lockdown, encouraging those who cannot work from home to go back to their workplaces and allowing people to go out for unlimited exercise.

China and South Korea report new spikes in coronavirus cases, with Seoul recording 34 new cases – its biggest single-day jump in about a month.

Globally, a total of about 279,000 have died from COVID-19, amid more than four million infections. About 1.3 million people have recovered.

Seoul shuts down more than 2,100 nightclubs, hostess bars and discos after dozens of coronavirus infections were linked to club goers who went out last weekend as the country relaxed physical distancing guidelines.

The number of new coronavirus cases surpasses 4 million worldwide, while the death toll surpasses 277,000 people.

Around 3 million more workers filed for unemployment benefits for the first time last week, down slightly from 3.8 million the previous week.

Neiman Marcus files for bankruptcy protection, the second major retailer after J.Crew to seek reorganization this week as the industry buckles under widespread store closures.

WHO warns of the risks of returning to lockdown if countries emerging from pandemic restrictions do not manage transitions “extremely carefully and in a phased approach”.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announces he will relax some rules put in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, allowing curbside retail and opening hiking trails, but also says travelers at LAX will be required to wear masks.

One of the president’s personal valets at the White House tests positive for the coronavirus.

World leaders pledge $8 billion for a vaccine, but not the U.S.

China reports just one new infection and no deaths for the fifth day in a row

China’s province of Hubei, where the coronavirus was first detected, lowers its emergency response level from the highest to the second-highest

Spain’s coronavirus death toll surpasses 25,000. The total number of coronavirus cases in the country also rose to 216,582

Protesters carry guns and at least one Confederate flag to the Kentucky Capitol to rally against Gov. Andy Beshear’s stay-at-home order and his phased approach to gradually reopening the economy. Similar protests are also held in Ohio.

Target, Whole Foods, Amazon, Instacart, FedEx and Walmart employees stage “sickout” protests over coronavirus safety on International Workers’ Day, also known as May Day.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces that all schools and colleges in the state will remain closed for the remainder of the academic year

The F.D.A. authorizes emergency use of an antiviral drug, remdesivir, as a treatment for COVID-19

The NBA postpones its draft lottery because of the coronavirus pandemic. No new dates are set.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee extends the state’s stay at home order through May 31, but also outlines how the state may allow some businesses to reopen

The W.H.O. extends its declaration of a global public health emergency

U.S. Unemployment claims reach 30 million

Hundreds of Michigan residents protest outside the state Capitol building, with some pushing inside while the Legislature was debating state of emergency extension

Airlines announce rules requiring face masks

U.S. COVID-19 cases surpass 1 million, a third of all global infections, while death toll exceeds 57,000

Total number of global coronavirus cases reaches 3 million

The CDC expands list of recognized COVID-19 symptoms to include chills, repeating shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, and loss of taste and smell

Tyson Foods publishes full-page ad in The NYT and WaPo that “millions of pounds of meat” will disappear from national supply chain as COVID-19 forces processing plants to close

China reports no new coronavirus deaths for the 10th consecutive day

China announces no remaining coronavirus cases in Wuhan hospitals

Lysol manufacturer issues statement warning against internal use of its products

Number of U.S. COVID-19 deaths surpasses 50,000

POTUS signs nearly $500 billion interim coronavirus bill that includes additional money for the small-business loan program, as well as more funding for hospitals and testing

Hundreds of Amazon tech and fulfillment center employees call out sick, rallying virtually to protest what they say are unsafe and unethical working conditions

POTUS suggests exploring disinfectants as possible treatment for COVID-19–a dangerous proposition

NYC deaths surpass 15,000

Unemployment Reaches 26 Million

The House passes a nearly $500 billion interim coronavirus bill that includes additional money for the small-business loan program, as well as for hospitals and testing

Since the start of the pandemic, 26 million+ U.S. citizens have requested unemployment benefits

State and local governments facing dire financial straits due to pandemic will have to wait until at least May before Congress considers further relief

Tyson Foods suspend operations at an Iowa plant critical to the U.S. pork supply but had been devastated by COVID-19 outbreak.

Known global infections surpass 2.5 million

Officials in Silicon Valley report two virus-related deaths that predate a Washington state fatality previously believed to be the first victim of COVID-19 in the U.S.

Oil prices plunge into negative territory as global demand plummets

POTUS says he is temporarily suspending immigration to the U.S. in response to the pandemic and the “need to protect jobs.

700,000+ people in the U.S. have tested positive for coronavirus. The U.S. leads globally in reported deaths with 36,734.

Comic-Con 2020 canceled for the first time in 50 years

Health officials in New York City estimate that coronavirus death toll has surpassed 12,000. The city’s death toll jumped in recent days as a result of the inclusion of “probable” fatalities in daily tallies.

About 5 million more people filed for first-time unemployment claims in the week ending 4/11, as the job market in every sector of the economy continues to be devastated

The small business loan program runs out of money for the Paycheck Protection Program.

Seven midwestern governors announce they are forming a regional pact to reopen their economies

POTUS announces new federal guidelines for reopening the U.S. that puts the onus on governors for making decisions about their own state economies.

Total number of global cases surpasses 2,000,000

POTUS announces plans to halt funding for the World Health Organization, accusing the agency of “severely mismanaging and covering up” the coronavirus crisis.

POTUS orders halt on $400m in funding for WHO.

Boris Johnson released from hospital

Number of Amaericans that file for unemployment since mid-March hits 22 Million

Number of US deaths reach 20.071, surpassing Italy’s toll of 19.468. Cases top 519,000

Global death toll surpasses 100,000

Roughly 95% of all Americans are under lockdown, as 42 states issue stay-at-home orders

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson moved into ICU after showing persistent symptoms, 10 days after testing positive for the virus.

World passes 1,000,000 COVID-19 infections

UN chief Antonio Guterres warned the coronavirus pandemic presents the world with its “worst crisis” since World War II as the global total of confirmed COVID-19 cases reached one million and the worldwide death toll topped 50,000.

More than 1/3 of humanity is under some form of lockdown

Number of deaths in the US (3400) from coronavirus surpassed those reported by China (3309), where the pandemic began in December, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University.

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President Trump extended federal guidelines on social distancing until April 30 after a top health official warned between 100,000 to 200,000 people could die from coronavirus in the United States.

The US accounted for the highest number of coronavirus infections in the world, recording more than 124,000 cases. The death toll in the country surged past 2,000, more than double the figure two days ago.

Number of cases worldwide surpassed 600,000, with more than 27,000 deaths.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed to have COVID-19

Globally, authorities report more than 558,500 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with about 431,000 being active and ongoing cases, roughly 128,000 recoveries, and 25,251 deaths.

The United States House of Representatives pass the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act via voice vote, and was signed by Donald Trump afterwards.

Total confirmed cases in the US reach 82,404 — the highest in the world — surpassing China’s 81,782 and Italy’s 80,589

Roughly 1 in 2 Americans go on lockdown as 22 states issue stay-at-home orders.

The White House and Senate leaders reach an agreement on a $2 trillion stimulus deal to offset the economic damage of coronavirus, producing one of the most expensive and far-reaching measures in the history of Congress.

The Tokyo Olympics delayed until 2021.

India, a country of 1.3 billion, announces a 21-day lockdown.

Delaware Gov John Carney issues statewide stay-at-home order until May 15 or until “public health threat is eliminated”

New York City confirms 21,000 cases, making it the biggest epicenter of the outbreak in the US.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker issues emergency order requiring all non-essential service businesses/orgs to close physical workplaces but work remotely. Limits gatherings to 10 people.

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards issues stay-at-home order until April 12

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb issues stay-at-home order until April 6

Connecticut’s “stay safe, stay at home” policy goes into effect

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker issues stay-at-home order for entire state until April 7

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom first governor in US to set mandatory stay-at-home restrictions

White House advises public to avoid groups of more than 10, asks people to stay away from bars and restaurants

Financial markets in U.S. briefly stopped after stocks plunged sharply minutes into the session — the third trading halt this month

The CDC recommends organizers cancel or postpone events with 50 people or more for 8 weeks

Fed slashes interest rates to near zero to prop up economy during coronavirus pandemic

New York reports first 2 corona virus deaths

US implements more measures to contain spread (Some states, like Seattle and Ohio, have closed schools. Hospitals nationally are setting up tents to cater to increasing inflow of patients. In Hawaii, urgent care clinics are offering drive-through testing.)

Texas declares state of emergency

South Carolina declares state of emergency

New Hampshire declares state of emergency

Alabama declares state of emergency

National emergency declared

Actor Tom Hanks and wife test positive

Tennessee declares state of emergency

Wisconsin declares state of emergency

Kansas declares state of emergency

Nevada declares state of emergency

Montana declares state of emergency

Delaware declares state of emergency

Virginia declares state of emergency

Arkansas declares state of emergency

Louisiana declares state of emergency

Arizona declares state of emergency

US restricts travel from Europe for 30 days

The Dow — already deep in the red for the day — tumbled nearly 1,500 points after the WHO announcement. It closed at 23,553, a nearly 6 percent decline on the day. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index flirted with bear territory before closing just above the mark at 2,741, a 4.9 percent fall for the session. The Nasdaq composite tumbled 4.7 percent to 7,952. All three indexes are in negative territory for the year.

WHO declares COVID-19 as pandemic

Connecticut declares state of emergency

Michigan declares state of emergency

North Carolina declares state of emergency

Massachusetts declares state of emergency

Colorado declares state of emergency

Ohio declares state of emergency

Iowa declares state of emergency

New Jersey declares state of emergency

Illinois declares state of emergency

US Army restricted travel to and from Italy and South Korea

According to health officials, Grand Princess cruise will be allowed to dock at a terminal near Oakland, where passengers will disembark. The passengers will be sent for quarantine elsewhere in California

Oregon declares state of emergency

Florida declares level 2 state of emergency

New York declares state of emergency

SXSW canceled

Pennsylvania declares state of emergency

Indiana declares state of emergency

Kentucky declares state of emergency

The US recorded a sharp rise of nearly 100 cases in 24 hours to total 329. Coronavirus-related deaths in the country stand at 17.

The Congress passed an $8.3bn emergency spending bill to fight the outbreak, which has now spread to at least 14 states. President Trump is yet to sign the bill.

Maryland declares state of emergency

California reports first coronavirus death

California announces state of emergency

Widespread COVID-19 testing approved by US officials

Washington reports first coronavirus death

Washington Declares State of Emergency

First US coronavirus death

Travel restrictions on South Korea, Iran and Italy

US confirms first case of unknown source

DOW plummets 1000 points lower

A new case is reported in Humboldt County, California, increasing the number of cases in the country to 16.

Quarantine orders lifted for hundreds of people being housed at 2 California bases

Americans aboard the infected cruise ship evacuated/ land.

Fourteen evacuees from the Diamond Princess cruise ship quarantined in Japan were allowed to fly back to the United States Sunday despite testing positive for coronavirus

Facebook, IBM cancel conference plans over coronavirus fears at Global Marketing Summit

The largest global mobile event, Mobile World Congress cancelled (Facebook, Amazon, Sony, Nokia and LG pull out of event)

WHO gives name to new coronavirus disease: COVID-19

Quarantine ends for all 195 coronavirus evacuees at California Air Force base

Americans evacuated from the Hubei province in China

Travel to China restricted

World Health Organization (WHO) declares global health emergency

First confirmed US case (Washington)