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Managed Service

InMarket now offers a full range of managed services from location audiences including Thinknear favorites like GeoTypes and location targeting down to the block level to real-time activation, attribution and analytics.

Self-Serve Platform

Looking for the ultimate self-service location marketing platform – we got you! Thinknear’s GeoLink is now part of the InMarket family will all the same great benefit – no IO or minimum spend.  Get started today.  

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The InMarket Difference

Your message, at the moments that matter
Reach over 50 million Comscore-verified US consumers based on real world behaviors and inspire them in real-time – while they’re making purchase decisions.​

SDK derived, always-on location data
Accurate and precise – Leveraging GPS, WiFi and Beacon signals from a huge network of permission-based apps including our own exclusive “always on” direct app integrations.

Transformational measurement, deep consumer intelligence & unrivaled flexibility
Reveal who your customers truly are. Learn what they buy, where they go, when they’re most receptive to brand engagement, and what truly motivates them. Solutions available as a managed service via data feeds (DaaS) or dashboards (SaaS).

Selected Clients

We have worked with thousands of brands across multiple industries to help them maximize the moments that matter. See a select roster of happy clients.

10/10 rating because the InMarket team is responsive, flexible, knowledgeable, and the product itself performs well.

Kayla O’Leary – Mindshare

Kayla O’Leary

Locations Insight & Intelligence

Frequently cited in leading publications, InMarket’s location data provides advertisers with key insights about where people go including their loyalty to particular brands and what motivates them.