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The Celebrators Club Presents InMarket’s First-Ever Chopped Challenge

Every month at InMarket, our Celebrators Club hosts a fun, interactive event for our employees. Since we’re a remote company, these events have become a great way for us to connect and meet new colleagues across the team.

In August, the Celebrators Club hosted our first “Chopped Challenge.”

Five chefs who volunteered to participate were sent mystery boxes and faced off to cook an entreé and dessert in 45 minutes (with over 60 coworkers watching on Zoom 👀)

Here's the rundown:

What was in the boxes?

Chefs were sent only five ingredients: Hot Cheetos, Canned Corn, Bowtie Pasta, Hostess Cakes and a Fruit Cup.

Outside of the mystery ingredients, chefs were allowed to tap their kitchen cabinets, pantries and refrigerators for additional ingredients to round out their dishes. (We learned the power of pre-made puff pastry from Chef Todd 🧑‍🍳)

How did it go?

Surprisingly really well.

Once they got over the initial shock of the random ingredients, our chefs quickly got to work and started brainstorming dishes. While they were hustling around their kitchens, audience members were encouraged to chime in and ask questions about their cooking experience, favorite dishes, who taught them how to cook and more.

After the time ran out, our chefs had to showcase and explain their dishes to the live audience before tasting them on-camera so we could gauge their reactions.

The Winners

Honorable Mentions

What’s next for our chefs and the Celebrators Club? Well, that remains top secret, but after such a successful Chopped Challenge, there might be a Nailed It event in the future… 🎂