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The New Marketing Reality: Geo-Contextual, Real-Time Marketing

Contextual 2.0: Geo-Contextual, Real-Time Marketing

What is Geo-Contextual, Real-Time Marketing? Using data science, location, context, and real-time capabilities to not just sense and respond to consumer needs, but create marketing campaigns that build positive consumer experiences and foster strong, long-term relationships with customers.

In this InMarket whitepaper, you’ll find:

  • A summary of the major industry changes that have contributed to this new era (think: iOS 14 and third-party cookies)
  • An overview of Geo-Contextual, Real-Time Marketing
  • And finally, 6 key areas of investment for marketers to maximize success in this new era!

Marketers, it’s time to build and strengthen your geo-contextual, real-time marketing strategies. Get started today!

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