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Q4 2020 Drug Store Loyalty Report

Q4 2020 Drug Store Loyalty Report

How Drug Stores’ Curbside & Drive-thru Offerings Minimized Contact & Optimized Consumer Loyalty

For health-conscious shoppers, social distancing and limiting contact with others has been a central concern. As demand for accessing prescriptions safely continues to rise, many drug stores and pharmacies have either began offering or heavily emphasizing curbside pickup and drive-thru services. InMarket has analyzed consumer loyalty to assess which chains have been successful in garnering repeat visits.

InMarket’s Q4 2020 Drug Store Loyalty Report covers:

  • Drug store and pharmacy chains’ in-store consumer loyalty and out-of-store pickup loyalty (e.g. curbside, drive-thru)
  • Successful strategies that resulted in strong repeat consumer visits
  • Highlights on each brand’s financial health and business growth

These InMarket InSights highlight how drug stores and pharmacies have adapted to swiftly meet evolving consumer demand, and each brand’s real-time effectiveness in successfully capturing repeat business.

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