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H2 2020 Breakthrough Moments

2020 was filled with tragedy and triumph as COVID-19 upended life as we knew it. Consumer shopping habits were turned upside down and created unexpected challenges for marketers.

Despite the circumstances, several brands not only adapted but excelled at connecting and appealing to consumers. As such, InMarket has identified exceptional marketing campaigns that stood out amongst the crowd, delivering Breakthrough Moments that drove off-the-chart consumer engagement and real-world action.

InMarket’s H2 2020 Breakthrough Moments report includes:

  • The H2 2020 Breakthrough Moments winners. These top campaigns outperformed industry benchmarks by delivering highly-engaging, hyper-relevant and timely brand experiences to consumers in the Moments that matter most. The winning campaigns went above and beyond by tapping into top consumer trends of 2020 including health and wellness, self-care, and nostalgia.
  • Creative details that make a Moment shine. From agriculture photography to retro neon font, our Breakthrough Moments winners leveraged different design elements to create beautiful, powerful ads.

See what campaigns were the best of the best in our report.

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