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Amazon’s Fresh Take

Amazon has been rapidly expanding their new chain of Amazon Fresh stores, which focus on everyday low costs. However, while adding a new brand of grocery stores to their roster of already popular and well-established Whole Foods Market chain may pose a risk of cannibalizing its business, InMarket’s data has found key differences that indicate the new grocery chain may be the link to capturing an entirely missed segment of customers.

To understand these differences and why the eCommerce megagiant may have doubled down on this strategy, InMarket analyzed a variety of data dimensions:

  • Monthly Loyalty Score for Amazon Fresh vs. Nearby Whole Foods Market
  • Weekly Amazon Fresh Shoppers Relative to Whole Foods Market Shoppers
  • % of Whole Foods Market Shoppers Who Also Visit Amazon Fresh
  • Demographic Breakout of Amazon Fresh Shoppers vs. Whole Foods Market Shoppers
  • InMarket GeoTypes: Amazon Fresh Shoppers vs. Whole Foods Market Shoppers

See how Amazon Fresh stacks up against Whole Foods Market!

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