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InMarket’s CSO Michael Della Penna Accepted into Forbes Business Development Council

Michael Della Penna (MDP), InMarket’s Chief Strategy Officer, has been accepted into the Forbes Business Development Council, an invitation-only community for senior-level sales and business development executives.

MDP was selected by a review committee based on the depth and diversity of his experience. Criteria for acceptance include a track record of successfully impacting business growth metrics as well as personal and professional achievements and honors.

As a member of the Council, MDP will have the opportunity to share his expert insights in original articles and contribute to published Expert Panels alongside other esteemed professionals on, focusing on marketing and technology trends as well as insightful advice for fellow business leaders in the space.

“I’m excited to be a part of the Forbes Business Development Council and have the opportunity to share my perspective on digital marketing and business trends with Forbes’ audience,” said MDP. “At InMarket, we’re at the forefront of digital marketing innovation and this opportunity provides a fantastic platform to share our findings and expertise with executives and professionals across tech, business and marketing spheres.”

In his first Forbes article, titled “Leading the Era of Sense & Response Marketing,” MDP shares four strategies for marketers looking to establish their brands as leaders in our real-time world, where it’s essential to embrace real-time data and respond to customers’ needs throughout the purchase journey:

  1. Double down on data to uncover nuances and augment insights.
  2. Shift to a cross-channel and portfolio approach.
  3. Lean into the customer journey with real-time experiences.
  4. Measure & optimize to drive in-flight and future success.

Fueled by rich insights and artificial intelligence as well as real-time marketing, optimization and measurement, the Era of Sense & Response Marketing is redefining how brands engage with consumers and taking advertising experiences to the next level.

MDP says it best: “Our future is real-time, personalized connections with consumers that directly respond to their needs. As marketers face continued pressure to do significantly more with tighter budgets, embracing sense and response marketing will strengthen results and build long-lasting customer relationships.”

Being a Sense & Response Leader is dependent on the ability to remain agile, quickly adapting to customers and prospects, and most importantly adopting a customer-first approach to anticipate your customers’ needs and respond to them in those moments of decision-making.

“Sense and response marketing champions the customer journey, adapting to reflect the needs of your audience and ensuring your brand is not only at the top of your mind but also the one they pick while in-store.”

Check out the full article and MDP’s executive profile on to learn more.