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Notice of Financial Incentives

Last updated: February 2nd, 2024

InMarket offers financial incentives to consumers in exchange for voluntarily sharing certain personal information with us through websites and mobile applications we own, such as CheckPoints.

In the CheckPoints mobile application, consumers can earn points redeemable in a rewards program in exchange for various activities such as sharing precise geolocation information (for example, by visiting a retail location), scanning product barcodes in a retail location, sharing purchase records, taking surveys, and sharing personal information such as name and email address. The specific instructions for how to participate and the rewards offered as incentives in each mobile application may vary and are set out within each mobile application.

We collect and use the information we obtain through the InMarket Applications to serve users and customers in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We offer an incentive to consumers who provide us with information through the InMarket Applications. InMarket receives a nominal fee for certain completed surveys in the CheckPoints mobile application, which is the basis upon which we value this CheckPoints survey information. Regarding the rest of the data for which we offer an incentive in the InMarket Applications, one consumer’s data has nominal value to us because in large data sets that also include data collected without incentive, the utility and value of the set is only nominally enhanced by the inclusion of one additional entry.

To participate in any of these incentive-based offers you can opt in by intentionally sharing the required information through the InMarket Applications.

You can opt out of participation in any of our incentive-based offers at any time. If you wish to opt out, stop submitting additional information and please submit a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” request or a “Delete My Personal Information” request as described below in this Privacy Policy. You may also delete the mobile application.