Location Based Advertising By InMarket

Ethics Policy

Our Mission is to help brands grow by discovering business insights and introducing relevant products to interested people. We seek to improve our world while we build connections between consumers and brands. As a company, InMarket is committed to “do no harm” to society, be transparent, and respect data choices people make. We live these values by following these basic principles:

  1. We do not accept clients or campaigns that are dishonest, illegal, or destructive.
  2. We seek to engage pro bono campaigns and insights in the public interest. Where our research can serve the public good (like our pandemic-related projects), we publish our findings and will share data at no cost with legitimate partners while continuing our commitment to respect privacy.
  3. We do not sell consumer data to law enforcement, intelligence agencies, or the military, whether directly or through intermediaries such as contractors.
  4. We do not spread misinformation or messages of violence, hate, or harassment. We will take on pro bono clients to better inform and promote tolerance and reconciliation in society.
  5. We do not target advertising to people below the legal age (for example, alcohol and casinos).
  6. We do not target vulnerable or sensitive communities with harmful messages.
  7. We comply with all state and federal laws, including COPPA and CCPA, as well as operating system policies for privacy disclosures, opt-in, and opt-outs that enable consumers to make informed choices.