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Employee Spotlight — Zach Barnett, Measurement Account Manager

InMarket’s Employee Spotlights profile the incredible InMarketeers that power everything we do.

Our latest "Employee Spotlight" features a Q&A with Zach Barnett, Measurement Account Manager at InMarket.

As a Measurement Account Manager (a.k.a. MAM) here at InMarket, Zach Barnett assists in growing a book of business across multiple sales teams, brands and partners. Zach joined the team in July 2023 and is currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

What brought you to InMarket

Zach Barnett: I made the move to InMarket because of the opportunity to help scale a fast-growing team in a fast-growing space.

When did your career in advertising begin?

ZB: My advertising and marketing career journey started with my background in audio and visual production. I used this knowledge to land my first Ad Ops opportunity, which eventually led me into the ad measurement space.

What’s your favorite part of being on the InMarket team?

ZB: My favorite part about being on the InMarket team is that everyone has been very open and willing to answer any questions I’ve had.

What’s a piece of advice you’ve learned at InMarket so far that’s stuck with you?

ZB: I really like the core values of InMarket*. All of these values are instrumental for a successful company and can be applied in your personal life as well.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

ZB: My life outside of work consists of plenty of family time and an abundance of traveling. Living an active and healthy lifestyle is also very important to me.

What’s your favorite app on your phone and why?

ZB: My favorite app on my phone is YouTube. Anything you want to learn about is on YouTube and it is an extremely powerful tool.

*For those of you who don’t know our core values, here’s the rundown. At InMarket, we operate under five core values—Good Peeps, Kaizen, Data Driven, Get Shtuff Done and Agile.

What do they mean?

Good Peeps

First and foremost, we’re good “peeps.” The crux of every exceptional company is the good people behind it. Every InMarketeer is expected to look out for and support one another to uphold the Good Peep value.


(aka continuous improvement) Even in every success, there’s room for improvement and growth. We strive to constantly improve to drive innovation both at our company and in the industry at-large.


It’s a value that ensures we practice what we preach. We channel the same data-driven thinking that we empower clients with to identify problems and find solutions on the daily.

Get Shtuff Done

Obstacles are inevitable. Whether its Product, Marketing, Corporate Services or Client Success, InMarketeers are always encouraged to think creatively and support one another in finding solutions.


It’s no secret that we’re in a fast-changing world and an even faster-moving industry. Rather than sticking with what’s comfortable, we’re driven to improvise, adapt and overcome to ensure we’re building the solutions our clients need.


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