Reach Consumers In Store and In Aisle
inMarket has the exclusive ability to reach consumers the moment they walk into an retail location that sells your product via the apps they know and trust. Deliver special offers, product information or other messages and drive increased purchases.

Predict Shopping Patterns and Optimize Cross Device
Using hyper-accurate, SDK derived location data, inMarket can identify the patterns with which consumers shop, eliminating wasted impressions after a trip and optimizing them as they prepare for their next.

Amplify Cross-Channel Campaigns
inMarket can dramatically increase the results of any cross-channel campaign, such as coupon, displays, FSIs, or seasonal promotions by amplifying them via mobile in store.

Measure Real-World Results
Prove your campaign’s ROI with detailed reports and amazing consumer insights.


The places and frequency with which people visit them are key indicators of who they truly are.

With inMarket Audiences, reach the people who are most likely to buy your product–across mobile, desktop, social, and video.

Pet Owners

Go to dog parks, pet stores, vets and hiking trails

Business Travelers

Go to airports, hotels, and car rental lots during the week

Beauty Shoppers

Go to nail salons, hair salons, and fashion boutiques

Understand Behavior

Jenny goes to the grocery store every Thursday after work

Eliminate Waste

She’s least receptive after she leaves the store. Do not advertise

Predict & Target

She becomes more receptive 24-48hrs before her next trip to the store. Begin targeted messaging.

Predictive Pre-Shop

inMarket Preceptivity can predict when a shopper is most likely to make a trip to the store based on the shopper’s current location and their previous trip behavior.

Understand frequency and dwell time, decipher between quick trippers, OGP shoppers, and in-store shoppers

Eliminate media waste if she has just left the store

1:1 cross device based on shopper’s behavior profile and real time location

Measurements to Prove Success

Internal Sales Lift & ROAS Analysis

Foot Traffic Lift by market, city, state, zip, single store


Visitation: Index, frequency & dwell time

Dayparting: Day of week, time of day

Audience segmentation by location

Were else they go and what else they buy

Competitive analysis

Brand awareness and purchase intent

3rd Party, Verified Sales Lift Analysis

We know that the final goal of any campaign at retail is clear and definitive sales lift.

This is why we have partnered with IRi and RSi, the two leaders in sales data analytics, to power 3rd party verified analytics on select inMarket campaigns.

Measure sales lift using scanner-level
POS data directly from retailers.

Analyze sales volume of specific products
prior to & during the campaign.

Receive detailed post campaign reporting & analysis on product lift in 4 weeks or less.

Insights Examples - Dwell Time

inMarket inSights Reports, included at various investment tiers, can showcase shopper dwell time as a valuable analysis tool. The longer the shopper stays in the store, the more the typically spend.

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