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Healthcare providers and pharmacies will, in many ways, continue to be the frontlines of this crisis. Ahead of many other categories, care providers had already begun to limit their activities to only necessary appointments and procedures. For pharmacies, continuing to help customers with medications, visits steadily increased by 5.9% prior to the wave of stay-at-home ordinances nationwide. Since that point, traffic has dropped by 30.6%. Many physicians have shifted their practice to tele-appointments, taking their appointments (like many businesses) into the digital space. Pharmacies have also shifted hours and are encouraging patients to refill their prescriptions via drive-thru windows and are offering waived delivery fees for certain prescriptions.

Source: Foot Traffic by Category, InMarket InSights (2/1/2020 – 3/30/2020)


Targeting Strategies

  • Audience targeting – Existing patients, Higher Risk/Vulnerable consumers
  • Location targeting – Target by radius and current location down to the block level to reach stay at home consumers
  • Loyalty targeting – Based on frequency of visit to key retail partners and engagement with your brand
  • Predictive targeting – Target based on past history including visitation and purchasing patterns
  • Contextual targeting – Users of Pharmacy, Health and Medical Apps

Channel Strategies

  • Consider reallocating media spend based on changing consumer behavior and reduced consumer movement caused by stay-at-home orders.  
  • Decrease Budgets on: Out of Home (OOH)
  • Increase Budgets on: InHome Digital (online/mobile/apps), Radio and TV including streaming services, direct mail and email
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Content Strategies - Product/Services offerings

  • PSAs – share information and tips to help patients and users to stay safe and healthy.
    • Target patients and relevant consumers and segments at home with relevant information to stay safe and healthy along with reminders to refill prescriptions.
    • Promote new service offerings like delivery, pick up and drive-thru
  • Promote Prescription refills and ordering options
  • Virtual Appointment Sign-Up
    • Target patients at home to inform them of new services including Book Appointment or Add to Calendar CTAs to give patients peace of mind and answer all their questions.
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  • Healthcare Providers: Your office can keep people aware of the risks of the virus and help get medical care and advice to them during this extraordinary period. Leverage digital technologies that allow you to connect with new patients or existing ones in ways that didn’t previously have as much relevancy, such as telemedicine or virtual exams.
  • Pharmaceutical Companies: Impart messaging to give patients the assurance that there is no shortage of medicinal supplies (diabetes medications, flu/cold medicines) and integrate inventory technologies into your websites and ad creatives directing patients to local pharmacies that are well stocked. Encourage patients to schedule virtual appointments with healthcare providers or pharmacists to get the professional assistance they need.

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