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Unlike other categories, grocery store foot traffic increased by 18.9% in mid-March — largely stemming from the rush of consumers to stores to buy canned goods, paper products, and other essential items in the leadup to shelter-in-place ordinances in cities and communities nationwide. Grocery store traffic will continue to have higher foot traffic rates as they are universally categorized as an essential service in these orders. That said, store visits will undoubtedly level off as shoppers adjust to the new reality, and as grocery stores implement stricter social distancing measures. Groceries can continue to grow their business while also supporting CPG partners and shoppers through this time by similarly leaning into both online grocery pickup as well as click-to-cart media that will allow customers to easily add CPG items to their carts on any device.

Source: Foot Traffic by Category, InMarket InSights (2/1/2020 – 3/30/2020)


Targeting Strategies

  • Audience Targeting – All customers, eCommerce, At-risk/vulnerable audience segments, Purchasers of your brand, competitors or category products,
  • Location targeting – Target by radius of and current location down to the block level to reach stay at home consumers
  • Loyalty targeting – Based on frequency of visit to key retail partners and engagement with your brand
  • Predictive targeting – Target based on past history including visitation and purchasing patterns
  • Contextual targeting – Mobile partner app users and contextually relevant apps

Channel Strategies

  • Consider reallocating media spend based on changing consumer behavior and reduced consumer movement caused by stay-at-home orders.  
  • Decrease Budgets on: Out of Home (OOH)
  • Increase Budgets on: InHome Digital (online/mobile/apps), Radio and TV including streaming services, direct mail and email
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Content Strategies - Product/Services offerings

  • Highlight key products/service offerings designed to keep consumers safe and healthy.
    • Online Grocery Pickup
    • Click to Cart Solutions – with In-Stock Optimizations to enhance the shopper experience and direct shoppers to stores with available inventory
    • Alcohol-Beverage Delivery or Pickup
  • In-Stock Availability – leverage new inventory signals technology to improve shopper experience by directing them to stores that have your products in-stock
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  • Now more than ever, customers are seeking stability and assurance that the products they need are available and that the way in which they shop for them is mitigating any possible risk to themselves or their families.

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