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Introducing the Breakthrough Moment of the Year

Modern consumer media consumption is cluttered more than ever: the average American is exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day.1 With so much competition in the advertising space, brands only have a few split seconds of a consumer’s attention to stand out and establish a meaningful connection. As a result, a significant amount of advertising and brand messaging is ignored unless the audience is personally interested.

However, for over a decade, InMarket has been dedicated to providing solutions for performance- driven brands and agencies to “break through” the white noise of media clutter and drive value. In particular, InMarket’s Moments ad unit is valuable and unique in that it combines timing, relevance, and context to elevate brands and power real-time campaigns. It’s no wonder Moments advertising outperforms any other advertising or customer outreach initiatives including email, search, digital/ mobile advertising and more when it comes to engagement and click-through rates.

But creating a Moment is the careful combination of art and science. In fact, Forrester Research defined a “mobile moment” as a point in time and space when people pull out a mobile device to get what they want in their immediate context.2 With this in mind, we’re taking this opportunity to recognize 2019’s Breakthrough Moment of the Year and shine a light on how best to create lasting and powerful moments with your own advertising initiatives.

2019 Breakthrough Moment of the Year:
Beyond Meat carefully combined the right message with the right audience at the right time to create an exceptional experience that broke through and met consumers’ demand at their precise moment of need. In fact, this effort also shattered the already high Moments benchmarks and capitalized on an emerging and unstoppable trend: the rise of plant-based meat products. Once just a fringe trend, the plant based products movement rose in prominence to become mainstream in 2019. In an article that appeared in the special edition of The World in 2019, The Economist’s correspondent John Parker declared 2019 the “year of the vegan,” and this growing movement now seems unstoppable. As we all witnessed in 2019, businesses and consumers jumped on the bandwagon worldwide as tasty new products launched, and grew awareness and encouraged adoption. Noteworthy events included Unilever acquiring the Vegetarian Butcher, Vivera steaks selling more than 40,000 at Tesco in a single week, leading award shows like the Golden Globe Awards going plant based, and Beyond Meat’s burgers hitting supermarket shelves worldwide with much fanfare and interest.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the 2019 Breakthrough Moment of the year belongs to Beyond Meat. By combining delivery, timing, engagement, creativity, information and offer, Beyond Meat’s efforts hit all critical components of creating a breakthrough moment and rode the wave of the global movement toward plant-based meat products. The result: A CTR of 5.7%, or 9.5x the average mobile advertising click through rate (0.6%).

The 2019 Breakthrough Moment Campaign:

The plant-based meat industry exploded in 2019 with Beyond Meat leading the grocery sector for consumer options. The brand wanted to use the holiday season to win over new customers as well as conquest consumers that don’t normally consume plant products. Beyond Meat used InMarket’s Swipeable Moments to deliver tantalizing recipe options directly to consumers’ devices in context as recommendations from apps consumers regularly use to search for dinner ideas. This seamless integration of timing, engaging creative, and value in the form of relevant recipes, created 2019’s Breakthrough Moment of the Year!

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