Reach Consumers at Point of Care
inMarket has the exclusive ability to reach care seekers the moment they walk into any point of care location via the apps they know and trust. Deliver medication awareness, recommendations or any other messages at a time when they can pose questions to their doctors.

Identify & Reach Practitioners 
Using hyper-accurate, SDK derived location data, inMarket can identify medical practitioners based on the locations they work, and then deliver your message to them on every device in their digital world.

HIPAA Compliant Diagnosis Identification
inMarket can also anonymously identify the likely conditions that are associated with certain devices based on the treatment locations that they frequent.

Measure Real-World Results
Prove your campaign’s ROI with detailed reports and amazing consumer insights.


The places and frequency with which people visit them are key indicators of who they truly are.

With inMarket Audiences, reach the people who are most likely to buy your product–across mobile, desktop, social, and video.

Pet Owners

Go to dog parks, pet stores, vets and hiking trails

Retired Seniors

Go to golf courses, pharmacies, and diners


Go to preschools, day cares, and the pediatrician

Understand Behavior

Jenny goes to the pharmacy every other Wednesday after work.

Eliminate Waste

She’s least receptive after she leaves the pharmacy. Do not advertise.

Predict & Target

She becomes more receptive 24-48hrs before her next trip. Begin targeted messaging.

Predictive Pre-Visit

inMarket Preceptivity can predict when a care seeker is most likely to make a trip to a care location based on the care seeker's current location and their previous trip behavior.

Understand frequency and dwell time, decipher between quick trippers, online pick up and in-location care seekers

Eliminate media waste if she has just left the store

1:1 cross device based on care seeker's behavior profile and real time location

Measurements to Prove Success

Internal Sales Lift & ROAS Analysis

Foot Traffic Lift by market, city, state, zip, single store


Visitation: Index, frequency & dwell time

Dayparting: Day of week, time of day

Audience segmentation by location

Were else they go and what else they buy

Competitive analysis

Brand awareness and purchase intent

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