Swipeable Moments

Let today’s swipe-first shopper choose the best offer. Swipeable Moments enable consumers to swipe to choose the offer that resonates the most with them, driving the highest engagement and the maximum campaign ROI.

Click to Cart Moments

Give consumers the choice to pick the product off the shelf, or order it on their mobile device. Click to Cart Moments give brands the ability to convert retail shoppers into digital ones, increasing loyalty and repeat purchases while reducing friction to purchase.

Predictive Moments

Increase the relevance of your ads based on the weather, current events or information about them. Predictive Moments enable creative that dynamically changes based on virtually any type of data.

Animated Moments

Your ads are gorgeous. Make them leap off the screen! Animated Moments enable animation to appear incredibly crisp and clean, without any of the limitations of file sizes or bandwidth.

Playable Moments

Gamify your advertising and make your ads an experience they won’t soon forget. Playable Moments enable brands to build actual games into their creative, with no need to download any additional software.

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