Deliver Financing Offers at the Moment of Purchase
inMarket has the exclusive ability to reach consumers the moment they walk onto retail location, offering them alternative methods for making their purchase a reality via the apps they know and trust.

Identify & Target Key Audiences
inMarket can identify which consumers are in a buying cycle for major purchases such as fine jewelry, home improvements or healthcare, and deliver offers to them on every device in their digital world.

Conquest Competitor’s Active Customers
inMarket can also identify your competitors clients and deliver offers to them while they are in their offices, or at another time on any digital device they use.

Measure Real-World Results
Prove your campaign’s ROI with detailed reports and amazing consumer insights.


The places and frequency with which people visit them are key indicators of who they truly are.

With inMarket Audiences, reach the people who are most likely to buy your product–across mobile, desktop, social, and video.

Home Owners

Go to big box stores, home improvement chains, and the park

Business Travelers

Go to airports, hotels, and car rental lots during the week

Beauty Shoppers

Go to nail salons, hair salons, and fashion boutiques

Measurements to Prove Success

Internal Sales Lift & ROAS Analysis

Foot Traffic Lift by market, city, state, zip, single store


Visitation: Index, frequency & dwell time

Dayparting: Day of week, time of day

Audience segmentation by location

Were else they go and what else they buy

Competitive analysis

Brand awareness and purchase intent

Insights Examples - Dwell Time

inMarket inSights Reports, included at various investment tiers, can showcase shopper dwell time as a valuable analysis tool. The longer the shopper stays in the store, the more the typically spend.

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